You have installed a tailor-made technical security solution. This has required a lot of effort and provides optimal protection against unwanted events. It is important that your security solution keeps working properly and to make sure of this, maintenance is required. We offer a maintenance subscription to ensure you of a working system and a safe feeling.

Maintenance of your technical security solution

Good and complete maintenance takes time, precision and attention. Yet maintenance contracts are often seen as something negative. After all, you have already purchased the security solution and you get the feeling you are not getting anything tangible for the purchased maintenance subscription.


Security and a safe feeling are of course, also intangible. To keep providing these, it is important to keep your carefully selected and installed security solution working over the years. Besides, good maintenance saves money in the long run because you do not have to purchase an expensive replacement security solution.



For the maintenance and management of your technical camera and alarm system, we offer a maintenance subscription with breakdown service. You can also take a subscription to the control room. The subscriptions are available with various service levels. You can always choose a subscription which fits your wishes and expectations.


The maintenance subscription contains annual preventive maintenance to the installation, including the use of the breakdown service. The 24-hour breakdown service resolves disruptions or error reports of your installation.



The annual maintenance of your camera or alarm system will be carried out by a specialized mechanic with a diploma in maintaining security installations. This maintenance is comprehensive and performed with utmost precision by the maintenance mechanic. The maintenance is performed according the BRL BORG guidelines. All findings and adjustments during the maintenance are documented in a maintenance report.


Every component of your installation is opened, and all components are cleaned. This system will be extensively tested, run and when in doubt of the correct functioning, the components are replaced. The software will be updated, and hard disks and recorders will be verified on correct functioning.


The mechanic also checks if the system still meets all requirement and looks at any changes in the situation compared to the moment of installation or the last maintenance. If the inspection of the structural situation shows that changes have occurred, the security installation is adjusted so the camera and alarm system is also properly set up for the changed situation.


A maintenance contract for your security installation with Niefra Beveiligingen comes with a number of advantages:

  • our breakdown service is at your disposal, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week;
  • once per year, we perform a thorough check up and maintenance of your security installation;
  • besides maintenance, we annually inspect whether the system meets the BORG requirements applicable at that moment;
  • with a maintenance contract, you pay a lower hourly rate for the mechanic;
  • in case of disruption, you receive 10% discount on material to resolve the relevant disruption;
  • with a maintenance contract and a control room contract, you get a 25% discount on the total price.





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