Robbery protection

The purpose of solutions for robbery protection are to prevent and disrupt or to alert the emergency services. Particularly stores with cash in their registers or valuable products in their assortment are at risk of robbery. A robbery has a high unpleasant impact, so you are intent on preventing a robbery from happening or you want to limit the consequences if it unfortunately does happen.


You want to protect your store, supermarket, wholesale store or bank against robbery and, in case of a robbery, to protect your employees, customers and valuable products to the best of your abilities. There are preventive solutions available to reduce the risk of a robbery. A well protected building or vault with time lock deters robbers. In case of a robbery, you want to alert the emergency services without drawing the attention of the robbers and protect people and property.


Our security specialists compile a security advice based on your specific situation for the best possible robbery protection for your store or building. We also take the requirements of your insurance into account. We supply robbery systems which comprise a total package of precautions.



Installing camera security in and around your company building deters possible robbers. They do not want to be recorded recognizable. With sufficient security cameras, projected in the correct manner, you make sure to capture malicious persons properly recognizable with the purpose of tracing or prosecution.


With sufficient and clearly present camera security, you possibly prevent your company building to be selected as target by robbers. They prefer places with the least amount of security to make the robbery as easy as possible.


In case of a robbery, our control room can remote monitor the situation. After a robbery has been determined, we can alert the police.



If you are involved in a robbery, you want to situation to progress as smoothly and calmly as possible. A robbery is often accompanied by threats and violence. You do not want to give the robber any cause to further escalate the situation and you want to prevent people from getting hurt. In that case it is desirable to alert the emergency services as soon as possible without alerting the robber thereof. This is possible with a panic button. The personnel can press this button in case of a threatening situation. When the button is pressed, the emergency services will be alerted without knowledge of the robber.



Your alarm system or vault is opened with a code. It is possible to set an emergency code in your security system. When this code is entered to ostensibly open the vault or disable the alarm system, the emergency services are silently informed about the current threat at your company location to be on-site as soon as possible.



A deposit safe enables you to frequently secure your incoming cash at the register. Storing of the excess of money in the register is called depositing and keeps the amount of cash in the register which is accessible to robbers as low as possible. The money can be stored safely in a deposit safe until deposited at the bank or collected by a money transport. This type of vault has security measures such as a time lock, robbery code or silent alarm to the control room when forced to open.



You do not want to find yourself in the situation of a robbery. To prevent this, you install preventive security solutions. These have the purpose to discourage robbers, but if you become the victim of a robbery in spite of these measures, it is of crucial importance to remain calm and act correctly. Opposing a robber can increase aggression, which can quickly cause the situation to escalate. This unnecessarily endangers the safety of employees and customers.


It can be difficult to react calmly in a stressful situation. To prepare you and your store personnel for such a situation, we can provide robbery training. In this training, the participant learns how to react in a robbery situation and how they should act to have the situation progress as smoothly and calmly as possible.



Installing a total solution for robbery protection comes with a number of advantages:

  • you limit the damage in case of a robbery if the correct measures for robbery protection have been installed;
  • with the right training, you make sure that a robbery does not escalate to keep your personnel and customers safe;
  • with security cameras, you can record the actions and identity of a robber with the purpose of tracing and/or prosecution;
  • You can quickly alert the emergency services about the threat in your store.



Do you want to know more about the possibilities of preventive protection against robberies or solutions which can help you in case a robbery actually occurs? Our technical security specialists inform you about the options of robbery protection for your store, wholesale store, supermarket or bank. With tailored security advice, you are ensured of optimal security to prevent a robbery or in case of a robbery.

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