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Niefra Beveiligingen supplies services in the form of design, installation, maintenance and management of camera and alarm systems for companies and private persons.


We have been providing technical security with personal attention to our customers for more than 40 years. Our solutions form a strong chain of safety without weak links. With our solutions, we provide a sense of safety. Do you have a question or is something going on? We are at your service, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

With burglary protection, you provide security measures to protect your building or house against potential burglary. You can remotely monitor what is going on and, if necessary, you can bring in the follow-up services through the control room or immediately inform the police.

With access control, you manage the access policy for a building and provide security against unauthorized entry. You control who has access to a building or area, and access is then granted or refused.

You protect your property and that of others with security cameras. Camera surveillance is also called CCTV (closed circuit television) or video observation system. With security cameras, you can monitor your business property, terrain or house.

The purpose of robbery protection solutions is to prevent or disrupt a robbery or to bring in the emergency services. A robbery causes a lot of unpleasantness, so it is important to prevent it or limit the consequences if it unfortunately does occur.

The purpose of structural security is to prevent or slow down incidents around your premises. Structural security measures discourage or slow down burglars in their burglary attempt, for example by means of fences and vaults.

Your technical security solution is designed and installed to provide optimal protection against unwanted incidents. It is important that your security keeps functioning properly. To provide this, we offer a subscription for complete and precise maintenance.

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